2022 Glass workshop dates Feb, Mar, Apr

Great news, new dates are out for April! These posters have all the dates for February, March, and April. This is so exciting! And it’s such a perfect opportunity to create something special for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter
I can’t wait to see what you will be creating in the workshops to come.

See you at the workshops!😀👍


If you want to book or would like to know more about the workshops, you can go to my website here: https://thebirdonthebranch.co.uk/events

If none of these dates work for and you want to make a private booking, you can contact me via email at: sales@pan-esoteric.co.uk

2021 Glass workshop dates July August

New glass workshop dates available for July and August in Willingham, Cambridgeshire.

These workshops are great for beginners and produce amazing results.

Here are the new dates for the glass workshops available in July and June.
Learn or improve your ability to make beautiful glass decorations in a comfortable and safe environment.

In the workshops, we use the fused-glass technique. You will learn about the materials we’re using, how they react with each other, and how you can use them to create beautiful glass decorations. It’s a fun and educational way to learn the design process, and gives you the satisfaction of being able to design and create a professional glass piece.

If any of the dates are not suitable or if you want to book a private session, please contact me via messenger. I charge an additional £20 administration fee for private workshops.

To see the dates and book, please go here: https://thebirdonthebranch.co.uk/events/

2021 Glass Workshops Different Types Now Available March April New Dates

I’m offering new glass workshop dates for March and April. The workshops shown here include the 3 small decorations workshop, the metals workshop, and the mosaic workshop. Below I have some information about each of these workshops. If you would like to look at the dates or book, you can find all of my glass workshops here: https://thebirdonthebranch.co.uk/events/

Mosaic workshop information:

“In these workshops, you will learn how to score and cut glass and how to combine and place different glass shapes to create your own special glass art piece. We will use coloured glass pieces, and over clear glass, we will create a pattern of our own design. This process involves cutting glass, therefore all participants will be wearing safety goggles, which will be provided.”

These workshops are 5 hours long and cost £60 per person

Metal workshop information:

“In these workshops we will be working with metal foils, which we will cut and score, and metal wires, which we will cut, bend, and hammer. We will learn different techniques for working with wire to achieve different effects and also how different metals combine, react together and how that affects the result. The metals will be placed between glass so that the design can be captured.

Working with metals can give you the opportunity to create detailed pieces.

These sessions involve loud noises: hammering of metal wires on small anvils. If you are sensitive to noise (and even if you aren’t), you may wish to bring ear plugs to wear while we are working. Safety goggles will be provided.”

These workshops are 4 hours long and cost £45 per person

3 small glass pieces workshop information:

“In this workshop, you will be shown all the materials and techniques we are going to use. For this session we will work with metal wires and foils. We will cut the foil to size, and the wire bent and hammered to fit the pattern. We will incorporate different frits (very small chips of crushed coloured glass) to enhance our decorations. We are going to use a technique called glass fusing, that means that after you have finished decorating your pieces, they are going to be fired in a kiln so that they can completely fuse together. They need to stay in the kiln for around 24 hours from firing to cooling, afterwards they can be picked up or sent by post. If you want your pieces sent by post it will be an additional £5.”

These workshops are 2 hours long and cost £20 per person

Additional information:

In each of the workshops, there are 4 spaces available, 2 tables with a glass divider in-between. There will be disinfectant for people to use as they come in. Every station has its own materials available for creating your decorations, and after every workshop I clean the stations.

Bring your own water bottle, tea and coffee are available. If you want you can bring your own mug with you.

The glass will need to stay in the kiln for around 24 hours from firing to cooling, afterwards they can be picked up or sent by post. If you want your pieces sent by post it will be an additional £5.

Commission Work

This is commission work for a wedding, with their chosen music notes and the love they share for cats, made with the fused-glass technique as a hanging glass decoration.

I create commission pieces for any occasion, these are memories which can keep forever. Please contact me if you are looking for something special as a present for a loved one, or something you would like to keep for yourself.

These pieces are suitable to hang in the garden, they are weather resistant and the colours don’t fade.

I will be more than happy to design you a special bespoke glass art piece with meaning.

Please contact me via Facebook messenger at https://www.facebook.com/JuttaRobinsonArtist

or comment on this blog post if you want to know more.

Open Studios’ Open Window Display July 2020

This year I’m participating in Open Studios’ Open Window Display.

I will have decorated my front window with glass decorations and some jewellery pieces. If you fancy a walk through the village, please come around and have a look. I will add new inspiring artwork to the display every weekend.

I’m looking forward to presenting you with new visual culinary delights.

When: All 4 weekends in July.

For more details, contact me or visit the official Open Studios website: https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/cambridge-open-windows-2020-jutta-robinson


You can find some of my glass decorations and jewellery designs at my online shop, The Bird On The Branch. Your welcome to browse around, we post more items weekly.

Let me know if you have any questions.