Easter 2016

Easter decorations

These are some of the decorations that I designed for my Easter collection. They consist of hares, tulips, and Easter eggs hanging from branches. The addition of the yellow or green colour lifts the piece giving it a more traditional Easter feel. These are lovely in the house or even hanging from a branch in the garden. They are available from the Primavera Gallery in Cambridge.

Easter Decorations/Hangings 2015
More hare and flower decorations
More hare and flower decorations

I would like to introduce my new Easter collection. The common themes in this collection are hares, Easter eggs, flowers, birds and bird nests. These fused-glass hangings make a lovely and cheerful present for Easter nature lovers.

They are available at Primavera Gallery in Cambridge.

It was a lot of fun making them and I hope they give you a little bit of a Spring feeling.