Open Studios 2016

Blue Jewellery 01

I would like to give you a little glimpse of what will be on display during this year’s Open Studios event at my workshop.

I decided to show you my Blue Jewellery Collection and the Seaside theme for my glass decorations. Also the Black, Red, and White-themed Jewellery Collection is still very popular.

Seaside 01

I hope to see you there. I will be open on Saturday and Sunday for the first three weekends, beginning on the 2nd of July, from 11:00 until 6:00. Further information is on the Open Studios website.

Christmas 2015 Jewellery

Christmas Jewellery Collection 01

My Christmas Jewellery Collection 2015 is a combination of fused-glass contemporary pendants set in hand-crafted sterling silver settings and semi-precious stones.

I created this design, as a mixture of formal and informal, just as we as people combine both formal and informal aspects of our lives.

They are available from the Primavera Gallery in Cambridge.

My Black, Red, White Contemporary Jewellery Collection
Necklace with sterling silver, onyx, coral, and fused-glass pendant
Necklace with sterling silver, onyx, coral, and fused-glass pendant

In my latest collection, based on the colour theme “Black, Red, White”, I incorporated in my new designs beautifully patterned silver segments that came from the 1980s and put them together in a contemporary style. Past meets present. This collection is available at the Primavera Gallery on Kings Parade in Cambridge.


Valentines Day 2014

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and I was very eager to create something special. For this occasion I designed and produced a new collection made out of a combination of fused-glass set in sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Of course I couldn’t resist choosing what is, at the moment, my favourite colour combination. The collection is exhibited at the Primavera Gallery on King’s Parade in Cambridge, UK.


Townhouse Collection01
Townhouse Collection01

I though to share with you some of my favourite jewellery pieces that I have made in the recent past. I hope that you will enjoy them and maybe at least one of them will make you smile :).