New Mandala and Christmas workshop dates

Glass workshops in Willingham.

I’m running glass workshops in Willingham, Cambridgeshire and the new dates are on the poster below. I have been running workshops for many years, and now I have adapted the working stations to make it a safe environment to be creative in, there is a maximum of 4 spaces. These workshops are beginner friendly.

Mandala workshops.?
I have chosen mandala patterns for these workshops because they have been used for many years to reduce stress. Of course, you can come up with an original idea or bring you own printout and there will be examples and patterns to choose from. The glass measurements are 15cm in diameter.
For the Mandala workshops, there are full day workshops (6 hours) or 3-day workshops (2 hours each day).

Christmas workshops.?
Every year I was buying special decorations for each child to remember each year together. Last year we didn’t find anything which resonated with us, so we made our own special Christmas decorations out of glass. This gave me the idea to give everybody else the same opportunity, to create their own memento for themselves or for family and friends.

The Christmas workshop is 2 hours, this is plenty of time to create 3 beautiful Christmas decorations in a variety of different shapes. However, if you find yourself having more time you can make more pieces at an additional cost.

More information about the workshops.??
In these workshops, you will be shown all the materials and techniques we are going to use. We are going to use a technique called glass fusing, that means that after you have finished decorating your glass, after the workshop, it will be fired in a kiln so that it can completely fuse together. It needs to stay in the kiln for around 24 hours from firing to cooling, afterwards the glass can be picked up or sent by post.

There will be disinfectant for people to use as they come in. Every station has its own materials available for creating your mandala glass piece, and after every class I clean the stations. Tea and coffee are available. If you want you can bring your own mug with you.
I hope you are ready for an artistic adventure, creating a mandala art piece to enhance positive energies around yourself, or creating beautiful Christmas decorations for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

Let me know if you have more questions. We have recently setup an online booking system, which makes it easy to see which dates are available and easy to book in ?. You can see the dates at this link:

Each workshop only has 4 spaces available, so if you want to go with friends please make sure to book at the same time to ensure that you can all go together.

I’m looking forward to seeing you here,

Jutta ?

Where is the workshop located?
The workshop is located in Willingham, Cambridgeshire, more information will be given after booking.

Is it easy to find parking?
Parking is available in front of the house.

What is the minimum age to participate in the workshop?
The recommended age for these workshops is 9+, and has to be accompanied by an adult

Can I book a day not on the list?
Yes, you can make a private booking, minimum 2 people. Let me know which dates are suitable for you and I will see if I can match the day.

How much does it cost? How does payment work?
The 3-day workshops are £60 per person (3X2 hours). The 1-day workshop is £50 per person (6 hours), and the Christmas workshop is £20 for 3 small decorations. Payment can be made on the day (cash or card) or through PayPal using this link:

Commission Work

This is commission work for a wedding, with their chosen music notes and the love they share for cats, made with the fused-glass technique as a hanging glass decoration.

I create commission pieces for any occasion, these are memories which can keep forever. Please contact me if you are looking for something special as a present for a loved one, or something you would like to keep for yourself.

These pieces are suitable to hang in the garden, they are weather resistant and the colours don’t fade.

I will be more than happy to design you a special bespoke glass art piece with meaning.

Please contact me via Facebook messenger at

or comment on this blog post if you want to know more.

New Therapeutic Glass Workshops in Willingham

New glass workshops are available in Willingham and the new dates are on the poster underneath. This is the first time I am opening to the public after the lockdown. I made the workshop a safe environment for people to come and be creative in. I hope you are ready for an artistic adventure, creating a mandala art piece to enhance positive energies around yourself. I will have disinfectant indoors for people to use as they come in, but please bring your own mask. Every station has its own material available for creating your mandala and after every class I go over the surfaces and tools with disinfectant. Tea and coffee are available, but bring your own mug with you ?

These dates are for new customers only, for people with pieces still to be completed contact me for alternative appointments.

I’m looking forward to seeing you hear. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Best wishes

Open Studios’ Open Window Display July 2020

This year I’m participating in Open Studios’ Open Window Display.

I will have decorated my front window with glass decorations and some jewellery pieces. If you fancy a walk through the village, please come around and have a look. I will add new inspiring artwork to the display every weekend.

I’m looking forward to presenting you with new visual culinary delights.

When: All 4 weekends in July.

For more details, contact me or visit the official Open Studios website:


You can find some of my glass decorations and jewellery designs at my online shop, The Bird On The Branch. Your welcome to browse around, we post more items weekly.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Artisan Sourdough Bread Baking Tutorial

There are many ways you can get creative, why not try this out?

On request of some of my friends, I have made a sourdough bread tutorial for a basic, 2 loaf artisan sourdough bread. You can get even more creative with it and customise it with seeds, olives, dried tomatoes, or whatever you fancy. There are also many ways to score it to make patterns on it.

I also have some tips and more information to go along with the video.

Some tips for the starter:

It is recommended to feed the starter at least every second week to make sure it is at full strength. If you miss feeding your starter for more than four weeks, feed it twice with a week in between before using it again, to ensure the full strength and the perfect rise and flavour of your artisan sourdough bread. Once after going away for four days, finding the fridge door wide open, my sourdough starter had a thick layer of mold over it. I thought it was lost. But I didn’t give up on it. It took refreshing it four times before it was restored to its former glory. To do this you have to scrape all the mold of and chuck it out, then only use the lower layer of the starter.

It takes around 10-12 hours for the sourdough to raise to the top of the glass jar. How long it takes depends on the temperature of the room it is in.

Another tip:

You will have leftover starter every time you refresh it. You can use the leftovers to create sourdough pancake batter. Make the recipe up or contact me for further instructions.


The starter I have is very special to me, it was started by my late husband 10 years ago, he was a very keen artisan bread home baker. I refresh and bake every 2 weeks and we all love it.

The bread becomes more personal if you create you own starter. However, successfully creating a starter will take some patience. If you know someone that has a starter, they can share some with you, or you can order it from me here.

If you would like to give it a go and are missing some equipment, I researched the right dimensions you will need for this process and found them on amazon. If you buy anything from these links, it will help me too:

Glass jar:
Silicon bread scrapper:
Metal scrapper:
Cast Iron pot:
Plastic bowl:
Silicone gloves:
Bread lame:
Silicon whisk:
Silicon spatula:
Mixer with dough hooks:

I would love to see pictures of your own bread, you can send them to me on Facebook at:

Best wishes.