Lotus Reiki and Singing Bowls Live Online Event 30th

Why we started these events

We decided to start these events so that we could connect to our community online, because of the physical separation that is going on. We were guided to do an online event and we ourselves had to understand how to manoeuvre around all of this.

The understanding is for everyone to share their journey of expansion and raising our energetic frequencies, to walk together towards a new era. It is such an honour to be at the beginning of the changes happening in human evolution.

We are evolving towards a higher state of consciousness as a collective source, there is a strong pull towards it, some of us are feeling it as a big purging, a purging of all the doings that are happening around us, going through deep dark emotions. The result for a lot of people is, and the thing to be aware of is, that humanity has been put in a mass dark night of the soul.

As light workers, we are spreading the light to assist you in finding the way out of this, to find your way back to our true self. You are a light being, you are a multidimensional being, and you are a loving and compassionate being.

What happens during these events?

Nick will be playing the Tibetan Singing Bowls, whose gentle and powerful sounds will slow your brain waves to a meditative state, and drift you to wherever the sound takes you to. In this safe space you can leave behind stress, free up head-space and allow healing to take place. These are frequencies that are channelled through to unlock and to clear energies in your energetic body that are important for your now moment to be released.

Don’t expect a melody from the bowls, the sounds that are coming through are channelled vibrations that sometimes need to cut through thick energy to free what’s underneath. Through the sound, if needed, portals can be opened for whatever reason is important for you to experience in your conscious or subconscious mind.

You can sometimes expect channelled sounds and words of elders in different languages that are coming through to support us in our journey.

Jutta will be using Lotus reiki, which refills you with new life force energy and refreshes and elevates body, mind, and spirit, so that healing can take place. The new energies and the upgrades I have received give me the opportunity to reach deeper levels of the energetic body and beyond that calls for expansion.

We have combined to offer these two tools together, they are aligning and flowing very harmoniously with each other. These energies are here for your greatest good, to assist you with your personal journey towards healing and expansion.

Throughout the session a deep relaxation will occur, leading you to a state of inner conversation and discovery. Deep emotional messages can come up to the surface of your being, for you to acknowledge that they are here, to feel them and to release them, to let go of them. This can help you to clear out layers of old programming that are embedded in you.

The channelled energies can assist you with your own personal expansion and growth through different layers of your being.

For best results, make yourself very comfortable. If available, lie down, you can also sit down very comfortably. We recommend wearing earphones or headphones, adjust it to the right volume for you. Make sure to have a glass of water next to you. Your water will be enriched with healing energies while we are running the session. Before you drink your water, acknowledge it and give your love to it. You can say something like this:

“Thank you for being a part of my body, I see you, thank you for your nourishment, and your beingness, and for your blending that makes it possible for me to exist”

Final words

You are participating in an inner work that is very profound and we need to understand that we all have the ability inside of us to reach ascension by ourselves, but the body needs a reminder and a helping hand towards it.

Every time you do a session, it gives your inner guidance a reminder of expansion that you have inside of you. If this resonates with you, we would love to be a part of your ascension path, and to accompany you by channelling high frequencies to encourage the connection with your higher self, ignite the light inside of you, and to help you find the way back to your inner source.

To book the event, please go here. The cost for the event is £12 for a ticket.