Jutta Robinson

Lotus Reiki Healer and Artist


Jutta Robinson's pictureI am a Greek child who was born and raised in Germany, where I met my American husband and we now live in England.

I am an artist by nature. Even as a child I was interested in art and fashion. I was drawing and painting and fortunately had access to a broad range of beautiful materials (my mother was a tailor among many other things). I wanted to become a fashion designer, but an opportunity was presented to get a rare apprenticeship in a furrier school, and I was encouraged to take it so that I could learn a broader range of skills.

Twice during my apprenticeship, designs that I had created and sewn were entered into competitions and out of hundreds of competitors were selected to be shown on the catwalk at the Frankfurt Fashion Expo. I spent three years in apprenticeship and two years working in a tailoring environment where I was responsible for redesigning and reworking vintage fur coats.

Eventually I decided to become self-employed, and having become very passionate about jewellery, I began changing my focus. Initially I bought and sold jewellery while learning how to craft my own. Over time, I included more and more of my own work until I now sell only my own creations.

I began creating jewellery that matched the environment that I was quite passionate about, namely the medieval period (I was actively selling items at my own stall at medieval markets in Germany). Over time, the style of jewellery has changed and today I am producing primarily contemporary pieces, which I greatly enjoy designing and making.

I have always had an interest in crystals and minerals. I was curious about the various energies associated with the stones, which led me down the path of natural healing. During the period that I was learning my craft, I was also engaged in becoming a healing practitioner, which included learning about Bach flower remedies, Reiki, autogenic therapy, and other related holistic therapy methods. I eventually became a Reiki master and teacher.

The move to England left a hole where our medieval market experiences lived and we eventually filled it with children, a lot of good friends, gardening and by engaging in period dancing, which we enjoy very much.


  1. Dear Jutta

    I have bought a necklace of yours from Primavera for my secretary’s retirement gift. She is Anne Robinson, by coincidence. It is dyed turquoise with silver beads and clasp. Can you tell me any more about it that I can pass on?



    • Dear Peter,

      I have two different necklaces there with turquoise. Does the necklace have red-coloured turquoise or black?

      Regards, Jutta

  2. Hi Juuta
    I have just purchased a necklace of yours from Primavera description is not my strong point is there a way I can send you a digital photo so you could tell me more about the piece
    kind regards

  3. Dear Jutta

    We have a shop for the past 18years in Highgate Village North London. I was bought two of your beautiful glass christmas decorations for a present and love them and I think they would be beautiful for our shop.

    Would you be interested in supplying us for September 2014 delivery.

    Please be kind enough to let me know, how you work , ordering times, prices ect.

    Many thanks

    Avril Castellazzo
    84 Highgate High Street
    London N6.5Hx
    0208 340 3001
    website as above

  4. Dear Jutta
    I recently attended one of your workshops which I really enjoyed.

    I saw lots of lovely items for sale. Does your shop have opening hours?


    • Hi Clare,

      Nice to hear from you, I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop. Mostly people come over the same time I have a workshop running if they want to purchase items. Also, I have an Open Studio weekend on the 23rd and 24th of November from 12:00 – 6:00PM. We have also just started an online gallery/shop, which have some of our items in if you want to have a look. The link is https://thebirdonthebranch.co.uk/

      I hope this was helpful, hope to see you soon.

      Best wishes,


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