Lotus Reiki and Singing Bowls Live Online Event 28th May

New Lotus Reiki and Tibetan singing bowls live online event 28th May.

Hi everyone, the next Lotus Reiki and Tibetan singing bowls live online event is on the 28th of May. It was wonderful connecting with everybody last session, and I look forward to connecting with you in the session to come. Love and light.

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Here there is more information about the last event:

Orchestra of Healing Energies

New Event Dates for Lotus Reiki and Sound Bath With Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Experience relaxing and being massaged by the Tibetan singing bowls with Nick Tischler, an experienced Tibetan bowls healer, while being bathed in the gentle healing rays of Lotus energy, with Jutta Robinson, Reiki master and teacher.

Lotus Reiki refills you with new life force energy and refreshes and elevates body, mind, and spirit, so that healing can take place.

The gentle and powerful sounds of the bowls will slow your brain waves to a meditative state, and you will drift to wherever the sound takes you. In this safe space you can leave behind stress, free up head-space and allow healing to take place.

First hour: Tibetan bowl sound bath accompanied by Lotus Reiki.
Second hour: Choose a Tibetan bowl and try it on yourself and Lotus Reiki 1 to 1 healing.

For the socializing, there is going to be homemade vegetable soup suitable for vegans and home baked sourdough bread. Tea and coffee is available too.

These two techniques truly work harmoniously together.

This is taking place in Willingham, Cambridgeshire.

For further details and to book please contact me via email at:

Limited spaces available.