2021 Glass workshop dates July August

New glass workshop dates available for July and August in Willingham, Cambridgeshire.

These workshops are great for beginners and produce amazing results.

Here are the new dates for the glass workshops available in July and June.
Learn or improve your ability to make beautiful glass decorations in a comfortable and safe environment.

In the workshops, we use the fused-glass technique. You will learn about the materials we’re using, how they react with each other, and how you can use them to create beautiful glass decorations. It’s a fun and educational way to learn the design process, and gives you the satisfaction of being able to design and create a professional glass piece.

If any of the dates are not suitable or if you want to book a private session, please contact me via messenger. I charge an additional £20 administration fee for private workshops.

To see the dates and book, please go here: https://thebirdonthebranch.co.uk/events/

Open Studios’ Open Window Display July 2020

This year I’m participating in Open Studios’ Open Window Display.

I will have decorated my front window with glass decorations and some jewellery pieces. If you fancy a walk through the village, please come around and have a look. I will add new inspiring artwork to the display every weekend.

I’m looking forward to presenting you with new visual culinary delights.

When: All 4 weekends in July.

For more details, contact me or visit the official Open Studios website: https://www.camopenstudios.co.uk/cambridge-open-windows-2020-jutta-robinson


You can find some of my glass decorations and jewellery designs at my online shop, The Bird On The Branch. Your welcome to browse around, we post more items weekly.

Let me know if you have any questions.

How Open Studio 2019 went

Click here for an inside look at my Open Studio 2019.

It was great seeing everybody, and I loved all the pieces people made.

I hope to see you at my Winter Open Studio, where there will be an opportunity to make your own homemade Christmas presents. Dates will be given soon.

Best wishes,

Jutta Robinson ♥


My Open Studio 2019

Visit my Open Studio and get creative

Your welcome to come to my Open Studios 2019. I will be open for all 4 weekends in July. There will be refreshments and home baked gluten free cake. Available are beautiful detailed glass decorations to striking and elegant contemporary jewellery designs, statement pieces, and small stud earrings. There is also the opportunity to create a small fused-glass piece as a decoration or pendant for the cost of £5.



Saturday 6th, Sunday 7th

Saturday 13th, Sunday 14th

Saturday 20th, Sunday 21st

Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th

Time on all days: 11:00am – 6pm



Winter 2016 Jewellery Collection


This is my Winter 2016 Jewellery Collection for Primavera Gallery. My designs reflect my fascination with various shapes that don’t necessarily need to be perfect. The materials I used are fused-glass pendants set in sterling silver, white jade (this is a vibrant white colour that reminds me of big white snow flakes floating down from the sky), red-dyed coral, and onyx.

The collection is now available at the Primavera Gallery in Cambridge, UK.