2021 Therapeutic Mandala Glass Workshops March April New Dates

I’m offering new Therapeutic Mandala glass workshop dates for March and April. I offer both 1-day workshops and 3-day workshops. Below I have some information about the Therapeutic Mandala workshops. If you would like to look at the dates or book, you can find all of my glass workshops here: https://thebirdonthebranch.co.uk/events/

Therapeutic Glass workshops information:

“I have chosen mandala patterns because they have been used for many years to reduce stress. Of course, you can come up with an original idea or bring you own printout. The glass measurements are 15cm in diameter.

In this workshop, you will be shown all the materials and techniques we are going to use. Printouts of mandala patterns are available to choose from. For this session we will work with metal wires and foils. We will cut the foil to size, and the wire bent and hammered to fit the pattern. We will incorporate different frits (very small chips of crushed coloured glass) to enhance the design. We are going to use a technique called glass fusing, that means that after you have finished decorating your glass piece, it is going to be fired in a kiln so that the glass piece can completely fuse together. It needs to stay in the kiln for around 24 hours from firing to cooling, afterwards the glass piece can be picked up or sent by post.”

Additional information:

In each of the workshops, there are 4 spaces available, 2 tables with a glass divider in-between. There will be disinfectant for people to use as they come in. Every station has its own materials available for creating your decorations, and after every workshop I clean the stations.

Bring your own water bottle, tea and coffee are available. If you want you can bring your own mug with you.

The glass will need to stay in the kiln for around 24 hours from firing to cooling, afterwards they can be picked up or sent by post. If you want your pieces sent by post it will be an additional £5.